You will no longer have to crop your portrait image in order to share it to Instagram, as the popular social media app announces the introduction of new sizes with its latest update...
Instagram announces that users will now be able to share both portrait and landscape-shaped images and videos, in addition to the social media platform's signature square-shaped media. 
In 2011, a Quora user asked Instagram founder Kevin Systrom why he opted for the limiting square format: “Square photos displayed really well in a feed format and frankly we just liked the aspect ratio better,” the tech pioneer answered.
This new change and update will allow Instagram's 300 million users the freedom to post images and videos directly without the need of cropping apps such as Squaready. According to Instagram one in five of user's posts are not the traditional square shape. 
To benefit from this change simply update the Instagram app in the App Store and then the next time you upload an image or video you will have the choice on the orientation – portrait, landscape or square. Images and videos that are not the traditional square shape will appear in full – whether they are landscape or portrait – in the Instagram feed, the only difference is that to keep profiles clean, a cropped thumbnail with appear on the user's Instagram profile page.