With opening looks that featured embellished sacred hearts – a well-known Roman Catholic devotion – lace and corsets, it was clear that Dolce and Gabbana knew how to get their message across as well as make a prolific entrance. The sacred heart was used as the main symbol of the collection and is found embroidered or printed on mostly every piece.
Prints of red Carnations were also seen blossoming across polka-dot dresses and elegant ponchos, not only because it is one of the main flowers of Spain, but also as an homage to Domenico's mother, as it was her favourite flower.

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 15
Using their classically seductive, strong, and body-hugging silhouettes, Dolce and Gabbana wanted to convey passion and love this season with their clothes. Keeping shapes simple with jeans, and bodycon dresses as they decorated every piece with rich details and embroideries of hearts and flowers. For the first time the Italian duoeven threw in a touch of masculinity as some pieces looked as if they were stolen from a bullfighter's closet...if that bullfighter happened to love pink and gold.