First announced at Coachella back in April, the first look at what Alexander Wang has created for his capsule collection with H&M is finally here. Featuring a heavily sports-influenced line-up including leggings emblazoned with Wang's name, cycling shorts and active accessories such as backpacks, duffle bags and goggles, the collection will hit H&M stores November 6.
Speaking of the collaboration Wang said: "H&M has done a great job in the past with archive-based collaborations, but I wanted to create a collection where most of the pieces have been designed from scratch. There are only a couple of items that are updates from past designs. Rather than creating affordable versions of expensive items, I wanted to design true performance pieces that are within the natural price points of sportswear of H&M, so we were able to create the best version of these pieces, through our vocabulary." 
In addition to the ready-to-wear and accessories, the capsule collection will feature 'objects' which H&M says are "reflective of the Alexander Wang lifestyle, infused with a sense of humour and irony." 

Первый взгляд: новые снимки коллекции Alexander Wang for H&M (фото 1)

Первый взгляд: новые снимки коллекции Alexander Wang for H&M (фото 2)