This year marks the 100th anniversary of Cartier's introduction of its first panthère-inspired piece in 1914, a wrist-watch with a diamond case speckled with onyx spots. 
From then onwards, the panther has endured as the French heritage jewelry brand's most recognizable icon. 
To celebrate the momentous occasion, the Maison has created it's most extensive Panthère de Cartier high jewelry collection to date. 

Cartier post

Comprised of 56 jewels, the 2014 'Panthère de Cartier II' collection elevates the historic feline in a multitude of new, imaginative designs while also incorporating some never-seen-before materials. 
The ever-transformative big cat comes to life in modern pieces that explore each "facet of its personality", according to the brand – from playful and wild to ferocious and tactile. A panther coyly wraps its tale around the wrist in an onyx, diamond and emerald bracelet while a more majestic piece in yellow gold with enamel spots proudly sits around an impressive citrine in a pendant (above).