The new exhibition, called Second Floor, will run from September 12-22 at the Saatchi Gallery in London and include images of the white satin covered bergère on which Mademoiselle Chanel was photographed on by Horst in 1937, to the gilt Venetian mirrors and leather-bound editions of works by Shakespeare and Voltaire on display in her apartment. 
The home of the iconic designer has been kept as it was when Chanel was alive, and is not open to the public.
"Shooting at Coco Chanel's apartment was an unexpectedly absorbing experience," said Taylor-Johnson. "The essence of Chanel is firmly rooted there in all of her possessions, and I truly believe that her spirit and soul still inhabit the second floor."
Other pictures also feature the gilded lions that represented Coco’s Leo star sign, and rock-crystal chandeliers, which hold the blossoming of camellias, one of the French fashion label’s iconic symbols. 
"The apartment is beautifully stylish. It feels like she had meticulously chosen every object,” said the photographer.