Friday, 21 March 2014

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West covers US Vogue April 2014

Kim Kardashian finally bags herself a Vogue cover alongside fiancé Kanye West. What are your thoughts?
Judging from the April issue, Kanye West could still persuade Anna Wintour chief editor capture his beloved on the cover of Vogue. It was rumored that after numerous entreaties Kanye Wintour hearts issued: "Over my dead body." And that's what we see.

Taken by the legendary Annie Leibovitz, Kanye tenderly embracing his beloved, who appeared before the lens of the photographer in a white wedding dress. Bride singer posted a picture to Instagram a couple of hours ago, but the cover of Vogue c # worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple already managed to make some noise.
Anticipating numerous charges that will fall in the address of the magazine and to the heroes of the cover, the editor in chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour commented on editorial letter, anticipating room. "Part of the fun of being the editor of Vogue, one of those who laid the foundation of the magazine, it is possible to identify who has the greatest influence on the culture of the moment, whose presence in the world determines how we see the world. I I think we all agree that this role is now played by Kim and Kanye. "
She also commented on the rumours that the cover - the result of many months of persuasion, Kanye West, about which so much has been written in the press: "You may have read somewhere that Kanye begged me to put him on the cover of the bride. He never did anything podbnoe. Interesting Gossip read, but facts are facts. "

Images Courtesy of Vogue US

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