Monday, 3 January 2011

My Love of Celine

Accessories - a great foundation for creating a fashionable name. Another proof of that is the history of brand Celine. And in line for names such as Louis Vuitton and Prada are not ashamed to stand.

Celine Vipiana

In 1945 the owner of the shop for sewing children's shoes Celine Vipiana and her husband opened their first shop in Paris CELINE, Le bottier pour enfants” was where they began producing and selling shoes. Despite the lack of design education and experience, Celine was successful. Top quality children's shoes could not go unnoticed, and soon among their clients dignitaries such as Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Albert of Monaco. The Celine brand became more recognizable, and the range of products branched out to man and women's shoes.

In 1959 she created the famous women's moccasins, "Inca" with its characteristic "bridles pigtails," which are the hallmark of the Celine style.  In 1960 Celine began to produce various leather accessories for women, which emphasis was placed on durability and strength. Thanks to an innovative approach Celine  called 'Fashion for all ' the brand firmly ingrained in the world of high fashion. The Brand logo - used in horse racing gig - was not chosen by chance, because Celine Vipiana's husband, Richard Vipiana is fond of horses and was a frequent visitor to the racetracks.

Celine started to use pattern into product design in the 60’s,and also reflects the brand turned to luxury and the noble image of the women’s leather products.but in 2005 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand,this pattern mark is more re-used in the Le Sulky series.
In 1967, the fashion house Celine represents a collection of sports women's clothing under the name Couture Sportswear, which won a resounding success the brand. It was practical, socks, and at the same time chic sportswear for women of the privileged class and activities "from five to seven."

In 1973 the Arc de Triomphe chain pattern was born.
Monogrammed jacquards to Celine 73rd year with the image

Logo appeared on the chain binding the Arc de Triomphe

Modern monogrammed cloth
The company, which began as a small family business grew and expanded, becoming an international brand. In 1987, after acquiring the brand holding "Finansier Agash" fashion house Celine to a new level of development, greatly expanding its scope and range of products. However, despite the increased production volumes, product Celine maintaining high quality and originality inherent in the luxury class. In 1996 the brand was bought by Celine conglomerate LVMH, which is the largest supplier of luxury goods in the world. The following year, the position of creative director of Celine was named American designer Michael Kors, with the advent of which brand Celine, began to publish collections of men's clothing and accessories. Which in turn contributed to greater promotion of products of this fashion house.

Celine Spring-Summer 2001 under the leadership of Michael Kors

Celine Spring-Summer 2004 under the leadership of Michael Kors
In 2004, the place of chief designer brand Roberto Menichetti Celine won (Roberto Menichetti), which in 2006 replaced the Croat Ivan Omazhich (Ivana Omazic), who devoted much of his career brand Miu Miu 
Celine Spring-Summer 2008 under the guidance of Ivana Omazhich

Celine Spring Summer 2005 Led by Robert Menichetti

The first collection of Phoebe Philo for Celine, resort 2010

 Currently the creative director of Celine is Englishwoman Phoebe Philo who previously worked for the fashion house Chloe. Phoebe Philo's immutable authority in the fashion world is based on her desire to produce products that are suitable for everyday life, not only for demonstrations on the catwalks. According to the owners of the brand, she has a perfect understanding of the spirit of Celine. Her first collection, published under her leadership was proof of that.Triumph of Phoebe as a creative director advertising is obvious. Today things are bought under the name Celine for a few days, and the little bag with a metal lock Céline already in the history of fashion, becoming one of the most popular luxury accessories of our time.

To date, the most recent collection of Celine, autumn-winter 2011 under the leadership of Phoebe Philo

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