Sunday, 1 April 2012

Travelog: Monastery of the Prophet Elijah Muhraqa,Haifa,Israel

The monastery is located atop Mount Caramel. Near the monastery is Carmel chapel, built in 1883.

For a ridiculously small fee ( 3 shekels), you can climb onto the monastery roof, where you get to see an  AMAZING view.


Middle of the chapel rises altar, made up of 12 stones of Mount Caramel in memory of the 12 tribes of Israel. On the walls of the altar laid ceramic caption, which describes the legend. In the monastery garden is a monument to Elijah - the prophet.

When I stood on the Muhraka roof ,I turned around to see the most beautiful view, complete with a glimmer of the Mediterranean in the distance.


Different Israeli cities-- all of which you can see from this roof-- are marked on the floor.

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