Wednesday, 22 February 2012

LFW:Anya Hindmarch 'All I've Ever Wanted' AW12 Show

Anya Hindmarch has built an accessories empire over the past 24 years, but this year was her debut show.

“It’s a real life version of what is going on in my head, inspired by peering through the toy shop window as a child at Christmas”
 "I wanted to capture that sense of excitement," said the designer, "because accessories are all about excitement for me".

                                                                           Show Posters

Anya Hindmarch and Michael Howells
The Marano Music Box and Marano Dancers
The Programme

                                                    The Caspar                         Quality Treats
The Ushers
Snowing Quality Treats
The handbag designer said she had been thinking about Quality Street chocolates before making a presentation that was camp, theatrical and excellent fun.
The Set was set up as a Willy Wonka-esque factory.
The set echoed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s magical wonderland where a conveyer belt marched the bags along, sequin ticker-tape fell from the ceiling, bubbles blew from machinery.

The Twinkle Train
The Ebenezer
The Valorie
The Balthazar Collection

The Tea Ladies.Workers in overalls and Hilda Ogden-style floral headscarves with cigarettes hanging from their mouths served cups of tea before the show began.

Anya powering the show on her bicycle...
As the show ended a curtain dropped to reveal the designer – mad professor-like – cycling on a bike that powered the factory machinery.

Images Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch

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